I have had the honor of working with Benedicta George over the past three months. I can confidently say it has been a transformative experience.

Prior to starting with her, I struggled with highs and lows in my blood sugar levels, what foods to eat for my blood type, the highs and lows with mood swings, an imbalance of energy and lastly setting health goals and accomplishing them. Benedicta listened and alternatively took notes which aided in her crafting a personalized plan that suited every doubt, lifestyle, and preference.

Every session with Ms. George was incredibly, informative, insightful and most of all motivating. One thing I admired was her deep knowledge of nutrition and fitness; this communicated in an imparted, clear, and accessible manner. When I had questions that she was unaware of the answer; she made it her duty to follow up with an answer at our next session.

The practical tips and encouragement I received were instrumental in helping me adopt healthier habits and lifestyles. Thanks to Ms. George’s coaching and guidance, I have seen significant improvement in my overall health. My blood sugar levels have since been at the normal range, and I’ve also been able to meet my goals. Most importantly, I feel more confident, I’m more aware of the foods to consume in my daily life.

I would highly recommend Ms. George to anyone looking to make positive changes in their health. Ms. George’s dedication, expertise, and personalized approach classifies her as an exceptional health coach.