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I am Benedicta, a mom, teacher, daughter, friend, and inspiration to others. Growing up in the Caribbean, I embraced a holistic lifestyle from a young age, shaped by the simple pleasures of playing games with friends and family and living in an environment that encourages a natural approach to health and wellness. These experiences have been instrumental in shaping my unique perspective and led me to become a successful health coach.
Spending time with loved ones and fellowshipping in God's presence brings me immense joy. Running helps me stay focused and build endurance. I also enjoy being in nature and the great outdoors. Over the years, I have gained much knowledge about health and wellness, which I am passionate about sharing. I believe in the power of nutritious meals that fuel the body properly, as they can make us feel more joyful and energized. Above all, I firmly believe in Jesus Christ.
With love,
Benedicta George

Our values



Love is the key that opens many doors and great attributes of life- for it is written that God is love- and love is God, Our services are a primary focus that God is within it.



At A Healthy You Wellness & Coaching, we firmly believe that integrity is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to leading a honest and fair life with a pure heart in all aspects of our work.



At our organization, we prioritize your health, wellness, and coaching needs. We strongly believe that showing respect is crucial. Understanding when to address issues and when not to is equally important to create a positive and healthy environment. We value healthy boundaries and strive to establish them whenever possible.



Our commitment is to you and your progress. We are dedicated to supporting your drive, exceeding your expectations, and achieving positive outcomes together.



At our company, we strive for transparency as one of our primary objectives. Our goal is to foster open communication and cultivate lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with the highest quality service available.



At A Healthy You Wellness & and Coaching, we prioritize your concern and strive to provide you with the best possible support. Please know that we are here for you every step of the way.


A Special Message To You

Motivational Transformation: The primary focus is usually on how you express yourself. – Benedicta George (B.G)


What our clients say..


Working with A Healthy You Wellness Coaching was a transformative experience; A BLESSING!! It was important to me to have a coach who listens and creates a no-judgment environment that fosters openness. The entire experience was pleasant, Benedicta was very flexible to my availability as I am a working mom and a student. Benedicta is a phenomenal coach, who offers expertise on navigating the different complexities of today’s reality. She is informative, gentle, and caring. As a result of the coaching I received, I have made some pertinent decisions that improved my eating habits, my response to stress, and my overall understanding of my experiences. I am truly thankful for our sessions. I highly recommend!!

~ Shermika

Christa Preville

A Healthy You Wellness Coaching has had a profoundly positive impact on my life, by helping me manage stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and balance work and personal responsibilities. The coaching provided personalized direction, encouragement, and motivation, focusing on mental and emotional health. The ongoing accountability and support that came with working with A Healthy You Wellness Coaching were one of the most beneficial features. My success was largely attributed to regular check-ins, progress monitoring, and the availability of support anytime I needed it, either for inspiration or advice. They also helped me meet fitness goals, improve my relationship with food and exercise, feel more confident, have more energy, and handle stress better. I highly recommend A Healthy You Wellness Coaching if you are looking for an informed, kind, and committed health coach. They can motivate and direct you toward living a more balanced, joyful, and healthy life.

~ Christa Preville

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